About Us

A young team with a clear vision, take advantage of the Blockchain Technology to use ioox Coin and other cryptocurrency in everyday life. Everyday.

We do not believe in the secrecy of transactions, they create obscurity and lack of control. We believe in transparency, more secure and verifiable. ioox coin is for every day, to pay for a coffee, a drink. ioox coin is for ordinary people, who work, study or enjoy their well-deserved retirement. ioox coin will replace micro-transactions with cash or credit cards, it is for every day.

Everyday people in fact carry out transactions of less than 10 dollars a day, ioox coin will make a breach in the hearts of these people. It is destined for real mass adoption and ioox Ring nor will it be the engine.


Our Vision

We have imagined the future. The future closest to us for payment systems. To do this we must forget our present and project our thoughts over time. We are entering a new world, without paper payment instruments, without old credit cards. Our Jhon of the future will leave the house, enter a coffee shop and pay with our ioox coin by putting his ioox ring to chest reader.

He will have nothing with him, just a ring or his own bracelet.

In the near future we will pay with ioox coin and its ioox ring which, in addition to allowing us to pay, will contain our basic information: Blood type, allergies, residence, how many steps we take per day and what life expectancy we have based on our lifestyle. Enter our future


Initial Release & Technology

ioox Technology integrates crypto-based currencies into a Blockchain ecosystem with current payment systems. You can carry out daily micro-transactions, every day with ioox coin and the ioox wearable systems (ring or bracelet) and set the daily budget through the remote setting. It will therefore be possible to set up payments with ioox coin in the partner shops or in USD in stores that are not yet enabled.

We are developing a tool for everyday life for everyone, and every person we know very well, has different times and approaches to new technologies.


Transparency & Trust

Through the management tool it will be possible to set and memorize your ring usage preferences. You can set daily payment limits and track monthly expenses. We want to build a transparent, fast and dynamic ecosystem. A new payment system, not a clone of old systems.



Investor profits follow two paths. Increase in the value of the currency proportional to the number of use. We want to reach mass, this is our goal. The second avenue of profit derives from the sale of the technological support, ring or bracelet with the ioox brand

Payment Flexiblity

Easy payment and payment with cryptographic tokens, these are our mantras. Payments are immediate and can be transferred to any cryptographic wallet.

The roadmap includes the design of a secure wallet to hold, receive and send their native coins in total safety.



One Platform For Mass Adoption

The native ioox project implementation platform works on the Ethereum network. A reliable and secure Blockchain network. Our choice was guided by the need to exploit the security and reliability of an existing network and apply to it a technology that predicts that by 2020 about 340 million people will use wearable payment systems, smartwatches, rings, etc. source The IHS report Near Field Communications. We will be part of this future and we will be trusted carriers.


Final Consideration

ioox’s primary goal is to make the ioox payment technology used by the masses, creating financial inclusion. Participating in the ioox project means being part of the future. Transactions via wearable device are 40% faster and within a few years they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions. Today is an important day for us.

ioox Token

Breakdown of our Coin Recipients.

Coin Name


Tickers / Symbol


Total Supply

10,000,000,000 ioox



Contract Address



ioox is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


You can Send Receive ioox using the follwing wallet.

MEW Connect
Atomic Wallet
Metamask Wallet


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


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What is ioox Token?

ioox Token (ioox) is an ERC20 Token created on Ethereum Blockchain.

You can purchased Coin with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

You can purchase ioox from our listed Decentralized Exchnages or directly from our ioox Sale Portal by creating an account using your personal email id.

Taking part on ICO always ensure good Return Over Investment (ROI). So for ioox ICO is just like an opportunity. Don’t miss ioox ICO.

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